Small groups

We believe that small groups are the best model for how the church is able to function in relationship with God and each other in the 21st century. Connecting with one another outside of the Sunday morning gathering is essential for us to continue to grow in our knowledge and understanding of God and how to live out our faith on a daily basis, as well as finding mutual encouragement from other believers. 

There are groups that meet on various nights of the week throughout the Rogue Valley and all are open to newcomers. The small groups are centered around getting to know God and people better. Each week there is a discussion which focuses on the theme of the weekend's message. The conversation allows people to connect God's word to their individual lives and apply it in practical ways. Each group varies, but most group meetings last between 1-2 hours.

If you would like to join one of our small groups, please get ahold of Josh Murrell at or by calling the church office at 541-773-3144.