Hello RVCC.  


By now you may have heard that the state will be requiring masks to be worn by all of us whenever we are in a public indoor space, which includes the services we have in the sanctuary at the church on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. We will have disposable masks available for those who may need one. According to the state guidelines, children under the age of 12 will not be required to wear a mask. We are asking individuals with a medical condition that would be adversely affected by wearing a mask to join us outside under the canopy where our services will be live-streamed.

The following options will be available for our weekly gatherings at the church

  • Wednesday Night Live Bible Study in the Sanctuary - mask required
  • Sunday Morning @ 9am in the Sanctuary - mask required
  • Sunday Morning @ 9am Outside under the Canopy - mask encouraged
  • Sunday Morning @ 10:30 in the Sanctuary - mask required
  • Sunday Morning @ 10:30 Outside under the Canopy - mask encouraged


* The nursery, Kid’s Church classes, and youth class will only be available at the 10:30 service.


Please click on the following link to RSVP for the service you are planning on attending:


We have been following the state guidelines for the last 3 months and are planning to continue doing so as we keep moving through the Covid-19 pandemic. Please keep in mind that we are following the state’s guidelines for a number of reasons. In Romans 13 we are instructed to “submit to the governing authorities” and by doing so we have the great privilege of trusting that the Lord is working through them.  As Christians we are also expected to love one another. In 1 John 3:16, we are encouraged to do so by ”laying down our lives for the brothers” just like Jesus laid down His life for us. As we wear a mask inside the church we are practically loving the people around us who may be at higher risk for illness and Covid-19. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation as we do our best to love God and one another whenever we gather together.  


We are so grateful that we can continue meeting together and we are looking forward to seeing everyone who is healthy and feels comfortable gathering together at all of RVCC’s weekly services.


“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”    

Proverbs 3:5-6


Click on the following link to view today’s video update:


In His Service.

The RVCC Elders & Staff


Hello RVCC.  


“But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.”

          Psalm 86:15


As David declared the greatness of God in the verse above, we too are grateful for God’s wisdom  and guidance during the circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. We have been so encouraged with the ways in which God has been leading us through these trying times.  


We are all aware that we have entered into Phase 2 of the State’s plans for gatherings. We are all pretty excited about the Phase 2 guidelines because they give RVCC a lot of options for resuming services at the church building. Our plan is to continue providing the following service options each week.  


Wednesday Night Live Study in the Sanctuary from 6 - 7pm. Open to 50 people & masks are encouraged for this service option.


Sunday Morning 9am Worship in the Sanctuary. Open to 50 people & masks are required for this service option.  Remember that we will be wearing masks at this service out of love and respect for those around us.


Sunday Morning 9am Worship outside under the Canopy. Open to 50 people & masks are encouraged for this service option.  


Sunday Morning 10:30am Worship in the Sanctuary. Open to 50 people & masks are encouraged for this service option.  


Sunday Morning 10:30am Worship outside under the Canopy. Open to 50 people & masks are encouraged for this service option.


We will be live-streaming all of these services for those who are still feeling uncomfortable resuming in person services or are unable to attend in person. They can all be viewed through the RVCC YouTube Channel which can be accessed here :


Our desire is to provide the best and safest services possible and your help and cooperation is greatly appreciated. We are still encouraging everyone attending an in person service to be aware of social distancing and do the best we can to avoid hand shakes and hugs for the time being.  We trust that the Lord will bring about a time for those things again soon. We also appreciate your willingness to RSVP for all of the services you are planning to attend. We will have the following link available on our website each week for service sign-ups:


 Rogue Valley Christian Church Registration Form


Bethany and the Kid’s Church Team have been diligently working on the plans for resuming in person Kid’s Church options for Sunday mornings, which we will hopefully be starting on Sunday, June 21st. We will be providing all of the information about those plans in the near future.  


Again, we are really excited for all the opportunities that God is providing and we look forward to seeing you all very soon.  Click on the following link to see the video update about our upcoming services:


For His Glory.


The RVCC Elders & Staff



Hello RVCC.  


We are happy to announce that we are finalizing our plans for resuming services at the church as soon as Jackson County enters the state’s Phase II guidelines. Romans 13:1 commands us to be obedient to the governing authorities and we have been doing our best to do so as we work through the plans for resuming services at RVCC. In order to provide the safest gatherings that we can, we are planning a test run of services for this coming Sunday, May 31. Our plan is to make sure that we can follow the federal, state, and CDC guidelines for cleaning, distancing, and ensuring the health and safety of everyone who chooses to take part in these services. Since Jackson County is currently still in Phase I, we are following those guidelines by limiting the amount of people at this Sunday’s services. If you would like to attend one of the following options, please use the link below to sign up for the one that you feel the most comfortable attending:


9am in the sanctuary: limited to 20 people

  • No contact temperature check
  • Mask required
  • Practice social distancing
  • No childcare

9am livestream outside under the awning: limited to 25 people

  • Mask required
  • Practice social distancing
  • No childcare

9am drive-in livestream in the park lot: use personal devices

  • Practice social distancing
  • Masks encouraged
  • No childcare

10:30am in the sanctuary: limited to 20 people

  • No contact temperature check
  • Mask encouraged
  • Practice social distance
  • No childcare

10:30am livestream outside under the awning: limited to 25 people

  • Mask encouraged
  • Practice social distancing
  • No childcare

10:30am drive-in livestream in the parking lot: use personal devices

  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Mask Encouraged
  • No Childcare

9am & 10:30am: livestream available online through our YouTube channel.


Again, we are very excited to begin the process of resuming services with you all. Just click on the following link to reserve your spot at any one of this Sunday’s service options :


If you sign up for one of the 2 indoor services this week, please note the following instructions:

  • We will be setting aside the west side (back of the building) doors of the main hallway for everyone to enter the building; the east side (front of the building)  doors will be used for everyone to exit.
  • We will be limiting the amount of people in the restrooms to 1 at a time
  • There will be hand sanitizer stations located throughout the building and everyone is encouraged to use them.
  • Please refrain from physical contact with anyone other than a family member.
  • Once the service is over, please exit in a timely manner so that our cleaning team can properly disinfect the building in time for the next service.
  • Please be aware that we are still practicing social distancing while on the church property.


We are anticipating that Jackson County will be entering Phase II of the Oregon’s plan for resuming larger gatherings. Until then we will be planning the same service options as described above. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we are trusting the Lord to get us all back together on a Sunday morning very soon.  


When Jackson County enters Phase II we are planning to expand each service option as the federal, state, and CDC guidelines allow and we will be updating our plan as soon as the Phase II information becomes available.  


We believe that we are living through some unprecedented circumstances, both as individuals and as a church. The RVCC Leadership Team is committed to seeking the Lord for His wisdom and guidance for the safety and love of everyone as we make our way through this pandemic.  We are convinced that God is working out a lot of good through this time. We believe that we have all learned so much about following Jesus as our faith has been forged during these frustrating times. We want to encourage everyone to practice Christian love as we do our best to get through it all.  


Finally, we’d like to thank you all for your participation in the survey that we sent out last week. The information you provided has proven to be of great value as we have been coming up with the plans for resuming services.  Your feedback helped us craft these plans with the wisdom that God’s provides, the faith that God expects, and the love that God has given.  


‘I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” Ephesians 4:1-3


In His Service & For His Glory.

The RVCC Elders & Staff





Hello RVCC.


We are extremely thankful for all of you and your willingness to share your feelings, concerns, and ideas about how we resume in person services at RVCC. We love it when we have the opportunity to practice things that the Bible encourages.  This is especially true for our current circumstances and the decisions that we are processing through as a leadership team.


"Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety."     

Proverbs 11:14


The information that you have all provided will be of great valuable as the plan for resuming services is solidified. We also appreciate the timely manner in which you were able to communicate your perspectives. We love you and are thankful for your commitment to the Lord’s work at RVCC.


As we are finalizing the game plan for getting back together, we covet your prayers. We believe that the Lord is working through us all in this process and that He will work it all out for good.


“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,

for those who are called according to his purpose.”     

Romans 8:28


Thank your continued hope and patience.


The RVCC Leadership Team




Hello RVCC.


As most of you are aware, Jackson County has officially entered the 1st phase of Oregon’s plan for reopening the state. During this time we are still limited to groups of 25 or fewer while practicing proper social distancing measures. With that being said we are going to continue livestream only for our Sunday service and Wednesday night Bible Study. We are trusting the Lord as He leads us all through our current circumstances.  


We are still very much committed to doing as much as we can, with as many people as we can, as soon as we can, as we look to the Lord for wisdom and discernment. We want you all to know that everyone’s safety and health is of utmost importance to us as we make decisions concerning ministry opportunities at RVCC. We will be monitoring all of the latest information concerning Jackson County as it relates to ministry options that are available to us as time goes on. Options such as Youth Group, Mom’s Group, Women’s Events, Men’s Breakfasts, etc. are being evaluated and plans are being made as to how to ensure the safety of everyone who may choose to attend these gatherings when we restart them. We will be keeping you updated concerning these smaller types of gatherings as soon as we have the proper plans in place.


We would like to take this time to encourage each of you to stay safe and continue to practice social distancing as the county slowly opens back up. It has been brought to our attention that some of you may be planning to park at RVCC in order to listen/watch the livestream services from your devices while being “at church."  If you plan on doing so, we would like to encourage you to remain in your vehicle as much as possible and to practice proper social distancing by leaving an open parking space between each car. 


Finally, we would also like to remind all of us that as we begin to move around the Rogue Valley again, we do so as the Lord’s representatives.  So let’s make sure we let the light of His love shine through in all that we say and do. In the meantime we urge you all to continue praying and trusting the Lord  each and every day. He will see us through. If you are curious or have any questions concerning how we are moving forward as a church please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone of the RVCC Elders or Staff members.  


For His Glory, 


The RVCC Leadership Team




Hello RVCC.


As we continue making our way through this unique season of quarantine and social distance, we want you to know how much we love you all and are looking forward to the day when we can all be together in person again. In the meantime, we know that the Lord is doing great things in all of our hearts and we would love to hear about them. If you would like to share about what the Lord has been doing in your life, please email Darrin and know that God will use your story for His glory.


We are also very thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness in providing for His work through RVCC. We are grateful for your partnership in God’s work as well.  Your faithfulness in prayer, your giving, and your commitment to community are greatly appreciated. As a result RVCC has been able to continue supporting numerous outreach efforts throughout the world. We are happy to report that we are still sending financial support to the following organizations: East Africa Christian Missions, Helping Hands International, U-Turn for Christ, The Pregnancy Center, Hearts With A Mission, Mercy’s Gate, as well as an outreach effort in the Middle East.  


The RVCC Leadership Team has prayerfully made the decision to postpone the next Small Group season until September. In the meantime we trust that you will all stay connected to the people in your group through texts, emails, phone calls, video chats, and even letters. One of the things that we all believe that God is doing is giving all of us a greater sense of community. With that in mind, we are glad to hear that so many of you are making it a priority to stay in touch with one another. Keep it up! It’s appreciated and makes a huge difference during this unique time.


We are planning to continue livestream services for as long as we have to. Each week we are committed to improving the services as best we can (click on the following link for the RVCC YouTube channel: ). However, we will still be exercising great caution as we look to God’s wisdom for how to carry out each service. We hope you are all being blessed by the Lord through the Sunday morning and Wednesday night livestream services, by the daily emails, as well as the ongoing video encouragements. If anyone is having a hard time accessing any of these things please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will do our best to help out.  


In Proverbs 3:5-6 we are exhorted to “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”  May we all find ourselves experiencing the blessing of God’s leading during these days as we look to Him for direction, provision, and inspiration.


For His Glory, 

The RVCC Ministry Team




Hello RVCC.

We trust that you are all doing well and maintaining a sense of gratitude and joy.  


We thought we would take a moment and update you on the plans for the upcoming Passion week. We are excited to be entering into this amazing Easter season by livestreaming tomorrow’s Palm Sunday service. We have also put together Passion Week Devotionals for both adults and kids. They will be available for drive by pick up at the the back of the church under the awning tomorrow, Sunday, April 5,  between 1pm and 2pm. Be sure to swing by and grab a copy. 


Also, beginning next Monday we will be posting a 3-5 minute video on the RVCC Youtube channel ( that will correspond with each day’s devotional thought. On Wednesday evening we will be livestreaming another Wednesday Night Livestream Study at 6pm focused on the passion of Jesus. We hope you’ll be able to tune in! On Friday at 6pm we will be livestreaming a Good Friday service that will enable all of us to be mindful of the love of God through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Finally, we are looking forward to our livestream Easter Celebration next Sunday (4-12-20) at 10am. We would like to encourage everyone to stay connected as much as possible during the upcoming Passion Week.


“Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God, who made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, who keeps faith forever; who executes justice for the oppressed, who gives food to the hungry. The LORD sets the prisoners free; the LORD opens the eyes of the blind. The LORD lifts up those who are bowed down; the LORD loves the righteous.”

Psalm 146:5-8


May we all be built up and blessed by the steadfast love of the Lord as we place our hope in Him each and every moment of each and every day.


For His Glory,  

The RVCC Elders & Staff




In light of the Governor’s order to “shelter in place”, we wanted to update you on a few things.  As a precaution we are limiting the access to the church office.  If you need anything we are asking that you call the church office to set up an appointment.  We would be happy to do our best to help in any way we can.  


We are planning to continue live-streaming as many services and events as we can.  Our goal is to do as much as we can while exercising as much wisdom as we can. We are continuing to trust in the Lord’s leading in all of these things.


We are excited about the livestream opportunities planned for the next week.  Be sure to mark them down on your calendars and plan on tuning on the following days:


3-25: Worship Night @ 6pm

3-29: Sunday Service @ 10am

4-1: Wednesday Night Live Bible Study @ 6pm


Follow this link to access our Youtube Channel:


As it relates to financial offerings, there are a number of options for continuing to give.  They can be sent in by mail or given online through the church website.



“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works...”  

Hebrews 10:24


Finally, may today be filled with moments of love and kindness as we reach out and encourage one another.  Click here to view a short video encouragement.  



For His Glory, 

The RVCC Elders & Staff




Greetings RVCC Community, 


I would assume that we are all overwhelmed by the circumstances we find ourselves in as a result of the coronavirus (CoVid-19).  It is understandable that many are struggling with fears and frustrations.  The Elders and Staff at RVCC want you to know that we are here for you and are continually praying for all of your families.  We believe this to be a time in which it is important for us to look to the Lord and place our trust in Him.  


The Psalmist declared in Psalm 46:1 that “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”


We would encourage everyone to turn to the Lord during this time of great confusion and fear and find that He is willing to help us all.


In the meantime, we have made a number of decisions regarding how we move forward as a church during the circumstances brought about by the coronavirus.  They are as follows:


- We are moving to livestream only for Sunday mornings. We are planning for one livestream service beginning at 10am starting this Sunday. The livestream service will consist of a time of worship and teaching from God’s word, instructions about online giving, and any updates that we have about activities concerning RVCC. If for some reason you are unable to livestream from your home, please contact the church office, as we would like to help you come up with ability to do so. Our Kid’s Ministry Leader, Bethany Ratcliff, is preparing kid’s packets that coincide with the message each Sunday as a resource for families. Please contact her at for more information.


We are postponing all other gatherings at the church until further notice. This means that our Youth Group, Seniors Group, Men’s Breakfast, and Mom’s Group meetings that usually meet at the church will not be taking place as scheduled. For more information about these groups, feel free to contact the group leaders or email the church office.


- We have a Worship Night scheduled for next Wednesday, March 25 at 6pm. We are planning to move ahead with it as a livestream only event. Our Worship Ministry Leader, Ben Lawson, is making plans for what is sure to be a much needed and timely evening spent worshiping the Lord and placing our trust in Him.


- We are excited to announce that beginning Wednesday, April 1st we will be starting “Wednesday Night Live," a livestream only Bible Study option for those interested in tuning in from home. We are planning a 45 minute livestream service that will consist of some prayer, worship, and Bible Study focused on how we as Christians can live and love during these crazy and worrisome days.


- We are leaving it up to our Small Group facilitators to decide if the individual groups will meet this week for the final session of this season.  Contact your Small Group facilitator for more information about this week’s meeting.  


We are planning to send out updates concerning RVCC on a regular basis.  For questions or additional information, feel free to contact us at the church office by phone at (541)773-3144 or through any of our emails found on the church website : .


In His Service, 


The RVCC Elders & Staff





Greetings RVCC Church Community.

With the reality of the coronavirus being in Oregon, we wanted take a moment to let you know how we, as a church, are responding. We are committed to doing everything we can to provide a safe environment for our church family and the surrounding community. Our leadership team is carefully and continually monitoring the situation as information evolves.




Yes. We are planning to gather for both of our services on Sundays. If at any point this changes, we will update the RVCC community immediately. At this time, all Sunday services are continuing as usual. 



All small scale events (moms group, youth group, seniors) will meet at the discretion of the group leaders. 



Yes. At this time, the RVCC office will be open as usual: Monday through Thursday from 9am-4pm. On certain days, we may decide to close the building for additional cleaning and we will update you with that information if the need arises. 




While we place a high priority on gathering together for worship and other activities,  if you are feeling sick, coughing, or running a fever, the best way to love your neighbors is to stay home. If you choose to stay home, we encourage you to join us online via our YouTube livestream, which can be accessed here.  If you need instructions on how to connect to the livestream, please click on this link.




We are encouraging everyone to take certain steps to protect themselves from coronavirus, flu, and other illnesses. This includes:
- washing of hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

- using hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available

- not touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands

- avoiding close contact with people who are sick

- staying home if you’re sick

- covering your cough or sneeze

- disinfecting objects and surfaces regularly


For more information, please click here to see how the Center of Disease Control advises the public on preventing illness. 




We will be taking extra cleaning precautions for the foreseeable future and hand sanitizers will be available in common areas. We will be adjusting our connections time by limiting refreshments to coffee and tea. We are encouraging everyone to refrain from unnecessary physical contact (i.e. hugging and hand shaking). We will continue to have the opportunity for communion and offering; however, instead of passing the communion elements and baskets, we will have them available in the front and back of the sanctuary.


We will continue to follow our standard health protocols by not admitting any child to the nursery or classrooms with a fever, colored nasal discharge, cough, vomiting, or diarrhea. 




The coronavirus (COVID-19) is yet one more reminder that we live in a fallen world of sickness, sin, suffering, and death. Ultimately, none of us are immune to any of these things. But that’s why the gospel is such good news. God has not left us alone in this world of sickness, sin, suffering, and death. He has come to us in the person of Jesus. The greatest news in all the world is that Jesus lived a life with no sin, died on a cross to pay the price for our sin, and rose from the grave in victory over sin and death. Now anyone anywhere who turns from their sin and trusts in Jesus will be forgiven of all their sin and restored to relationship with God forever. Through Jesus, we can trust God with our fears in all areas of life.


In addition to trusting in trusting the Lord, here’s some other ways we can respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19):

- Pray for mercy for the sick, strength for doctors, insight for researchers, and wisdom for officials.

- Look for opportunities to love and care for others, whether they are sick, isolated, marginalized, poor, or oppressed.

- Even if we are unable to gather at certain times, stay closely connected to the church family. Gather with smaller groups as appropriate, and participate in worship gatherings online.

- Continue to faithfully give financial offerings online or by mail as we trust God to bless the ministry of RVCC.


Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord’s work at RVCC. We will continue to update you as needed. Please feel free to call, email, and reach out to the church staff and elders with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you all for your commitment to RVCC, 
The RVCC Leadership Team

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